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Watch Your Real Estate Investments Grow

Make the process of buying a home easy, with help from REIEI in Jersey City and in Hoboken, New Jersey. Owner Juliet Wentworth Evans, gives you access to investment properties that you can renovate and resell or rent to tenants. She also helps you save money on residential real estate with foreclosure homes for sale. Juliet has more than five years of real estate experience. She gives her undivided attention to the task at hand, so she gets the results you want and need.

Invest Now, Reap the Benefits Later

Juliet has the uncanny ability to find properties for investors. She finds a home that matches your location and price, she taps into her network of professional contractors, plumbers, and other builders to help you renovate distressed dwellings.

Get Debt off Your Shoulders

A foreclosure could stay on your credit report for as many as 10 years. Avoid this type of blow to your credit with assistance from Juliet. She will help you through the process of modifying your mortgage, if possible, or assist you in finding a prospective buyer for your property. Either of these options allows you to maintain a better credit score and protects your overall credit rating.

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Short Sale

Because of her experience with short sales, Juliet has access to a variety of homes that are going through the pre-foreclosure process. Presently, many people are looking for homes in Northern New Jersey because the prices in New York City are particularly high. You can get the same home you find in the city for a better price in the Northern New Jersey area. With a short sale, Juliet finds a prospective buyer for your home who can present an offer to the bank. Although your home will be sold for an amount that is less than what it is worth, this is an effective way to resolve your potential foreclosure.

Remember The 30 Second Rule...

Retail buyer's make a decision within 30 seconds of walking into a home. In fact, in the first 60 seconds of a home tour, up to 60% of buyer's decisions have already been made. That's how a potential buyer's mind works. A bad first impression, might mean no sale. So declutter, make the most of the home's visual assets, focus on features and furniture layout, plus modern amenities and clean lines.

If you choose the right storage pieces, you won't have to live with clutter. Visual clutter is stressful to be around. It can trigger subconscious negative emotions in people. Visualize what you want your home to be and then select the right pieces to accompany and accommodate your living space.

Set up Residence in a Luxury Home

You are someone who wants the best for your family, and that includes housing. When you want to rent or buy a luxury home, find a variety of properties with help from Juliet Evans of REIEI in Jersey City and in Hoboken, New Jersey. Her list of luxury rentals and luxury homes for sale are some of the finest on the market.

The Luxury You Want

Rentals in New Jersey have more square footage at a lower price than rentals in New York City. Juliet helps you find the perfect luxury rental and can set up private showings for you. To help expedite the process, she can also pre-qualify you to rent or buy a home. Juliet's professional contacts inform her of great investment homes, and she uses her searching skills to locate idyllic properties on the Internet for prospective investors.

Best in Show

Northern New Jersey is a great place to live, so call Juliet today at (551) 222-0023 to schedule times to see properties. Presently, there are many luxury rentals available with the amenities you want. They are located in quiet neighborhoods and close to quality schools. Commuting to and from these homes is easy because they are close to the New York PATH, the public transportation service between New York City and New Jersey. Many of these rentals have move-in specials that make them more affordable.

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